UPC Cablecom

UPC Cablecom to extend Wi-Free nationally from October

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom is to extend its ‘Wi-Free’ free WiFi offering to the whole of Switzerland from October. Under the Wi-Free service, Cablecom internet customers enable each other to surf the net whenever they want free of charge, and can already use the Horizon Go TV everywhere app to watch TV […]

Liberty reorganises Austrian and Swiss operations

Liberty Global has appointed UPC Cablecom managing director, Eric Tveter, as CEO of a newly created Swiss and Austrian division. The reorganisation, which is effective as of August 1, will also see UPC Austria’s current managing director, Thomas Hintze, become chairman of UPC Austria and senior advisor, reporting to Tveter. Liberty said that the changes […]

UPC Cablecom buys Geneva cable network

UPC Cablecom has taken full control over the Télé-Pregny-Chambésy glass fibre optic cable network in Geneva.  The Liberty Global subsidiary, which already owned a 25% share in Télé-Pregny-Chambésy, bought the remaining 75% from the municipality of Pregny-Chambésy and three private shareholders. The deal marks UPC Cablecom’s latest Swiss investment, having already bought the glass fibre […]

UPC Cablecom extends mobile offering to all customers

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom has extended its mobile offer to all customers, establishing itself as a full quad-play provider. UPC Cablecom initially launched mobile services in April, but only to invited customers. UPC Cablecom has recently launched a ‘Wi-Free’ pilot, allowing customers to access the internet from mobile devices at friends’ homes […]

UPC Cablecom enters final stages of analogue switch-off

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom is to make a final reduction in its analogue offering in Germany-speaking Switzerland and parts of French-speaking Switzerland in June ahead of phasing analogue out altogether next year. On June 3, UPC Cablecom will reduce the analogue tier to the 17 most popular channels. Eight channels will be […]

UPC Cablecom launches mobile service

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom is to launch a mobile service, enabling it to deliver a quad-play offering to Swiss customers.  The operators said it would launch the service “gradually” following a successful test period. The service will initially be available on an invitation-only basis. Customers who use one or more upc cablecom products […]

UPC Cablecom plans digital expansion, ahead of analogue switchoff

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom plans to extend its free digital channel offering this summer and completely stop its analogue services next year.  In a statement, UPC Cablecom said it is “poised to take the final steps towards full digitalisation,” in a move that will see it boost its free digital TV offer […]

UPC Cablecom launches range of new offerings

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom has launched anew range of internet, telephony and bundled offerings. UPC Cablecom is launching four new internet offerings – Internet 250, 125, 50 and 20 offering 250Mbps, 125Mbps, 50Mbps and 20Mbps for CHF89 (€73), CHF69, CHF59 and CHF45 respectively. The operator has also launched three new phone products, […]

Liberty Global acquires municipal network

Liberty Global-owned Swiss cable operator UPC Cablecom has acquired a small municipal network in Ligerz on the shore of Lake Biel. UPC Cablecom is taking over the Ligerz network, currently owned by Brügg-based Garo Immobilien, immediately, with the transaction taking retroactive effect from January 1. The move is in line with UPC Cablecom’s strategy of […]

UPC Cablecom launches 500Mbps internet in Bern

UPC Cablecom is launching a 500Mbps internet service in the Bern area. Fiber Power 500 will be available to 150,000 homes in the operator’s footprint in the Bern region. The service will available for CHF199 (€163) a month from December 16 to resident’s of 26 Bern municipalities including the city of Bern, Köniz, Ostermundigen, Worb, […]