Digital UK calls for move beyond ‘salami slicing’ DTT spectrum

Digital UK has called for a move beyond “salami slicing DTT spectrum”, after commissioning a new study on ultra high frequency (UHF) bandwidth use. ‘The defragmentation dividend’ white paper, conducted by telecoms specialists Aetha Consulting, explores the scope for a “fundamental rethink” of how UHF spectrum is used by mobile operators. With the 700Mhz band […]

WRC-15 safeguards sub-700MHz band for broadcasting in EMEA

European public broadcasters body the EBU has applauded a decision reached at WRC-15 to safeguard the 470-694MHz spectrum band for digital-terrestrial broadcasting in ‘ITU Region 1’ – covering Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa, into the next decade. The decision followed pressure by the mobile telecom lobby to bring the 470-694MHz range into play […]

French operators await 700MHz allocation

French telecom regulator ARCEP is expected to unveil details of its plant to allocate UHF spectrum in the 700MHz band imminently, following the completion of a study by a dedicated team of engineers, lawyers and economists, due to be submitted tomorrow. According to newspaper Les Echos, ARCEP and the government have been seeking a way […]

GSMA calls for ‘timely release’ and further review of UHF spectrum

Mobile industry body the GSMA, has called for a “timely release” of the 700 Mhz band for mobile use, and an accelerated review of the sub-700 Mhz UHF band. The GSMA, which represents mobile operators around the world, called on the European Commission to support requests for release of the 700MHz band for mobile use “preferably […]

CEPT opposes further UHF spectrum reallocation for mobile

Europe’s Conference of Post and Telecommunications Regulators (CEPT) has agreed to oppose the allocation of the 470-694MHz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band to mobile services. In a statement, the CEPT said it had reached the common position ahead of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)’s WRC-15 Conference in November, where decisions on the future assignment of […]

Broadcasters slam “few traces” of Lamy report in Digital Single Market proposal

Broadcaster lobby group Broadcast Network Europe (BNE), under the banner of the Wider Spectrum Group, has called on the European Commission to provide greater long-term legal certainty that sufficient spectrum will be made available to preserve terrestrial broadcasting alongside mobile broadband. In an open letter to EC president Jean-Claude Juncker, the group called on the […]

GSMA: EC risks falling behind without “greater flexibility” on 700MHz

The European Commission needs to show “greater flexibility” in making 700MHz spectrum available for mobile broadband and should support the release of UHF spectrum between 2018-230 “and potentially earlier”, or risk falling behind other advanced markets, according to mobile industry association the GSMA. Responding to the conclusion of the consultation period on the Lamy report […]

EBU renews call for safeguarding of DTT spectrum

The EBU has renewed its call for the safeguarding of the interests of digital-terrestrial TV viewers as the European Commission closed its public consultation on the Lamy Report on the future of the UHF band.  The EBU emphasised the conclusion of the Lamy Report that digital-broadcast TV “will continue to play an essential role as […]

Value of UHF for DTT “outweighs mobile by four to one”

Digital-terrestrial broadcasting would provide the most valuable use of UHF spectrum for the next 15 years, according to a study by consultancy Aetha for Abertis Telecom, Arqiva, the BBC, Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE), the EBU and TDF.  The report said that the value of the 460-862MHz or UHF band is greater for DTT than mobile […]

Lamy report on 700MHz offers limited comfort for broadcasters

The 700MHz spectrum band currently used for digital-terrestrial broadcasting in Europe should be allocated to wireless broadband use by 2020, give or take a couple of years, while broadcasters should be given regulatory security over their rights to use remaining UHF spectrum below 700MHz until 2030, according to a report presented by former EU commissioner […]