Carl Icahn urges Apple to add UHD TV set to its product line-up

Billionaire investor and Apple shareholder, Carl Icahn, has written an open letter to Apple in which he urges the company to add a ultra high definition TV set “to the Apple ecosystem.” In a letter signed by Icahn, his son Brett Icahn and investment partner David Schechter, the trio said that while Apple has to […]

More than 50% of Europeans to buy UHDTVs by 2016, claims research

Some 56% of Europeans said they would be likely to buy an Ultra High Definition TV in the next two years, according to new research by Strategy Analytics.  The Ultra HDTV survey – which polled 4,000 people across France, Germany, Italy and the UK – found that 15% of respondents said they would be very likely to buy […]

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