TV advertising

eMarketer: US TV ad spend to continue to fall

The acceleration of ‘cord cutting’ and rise of over-the-top (OTT) viewing will see TV advertising spend drop 0.5% in the US this year to US$69.87 billion – with this expected to sink further in the coming years. This is according to new eMarketer research, which claims that TV’s share of total US media expenditure will drop […]

Ampere: Facebook closing the gap on TV advertising

Facebook is “closing the gap on TV advertising” with the average Facebook user to soon be worth more than an average TV viewer, according to Ampere Analysis. The research firm said that the average revenue per-user generated by Facebook advertising has grown six-fold in North America and four-fold in Europe in the past five years. […]

German TV and video advertising market set for growth

The German audiovisual advertising market should see growth of between 3% to 4% this year, taking total sales to €5.7 billion, with TV advertising growing by between 2% and 3% to €4.5 billion, according to figures compiled by the country’s commercial broadcasters’ association, the VPRT. The TV forecast is on the low side relative to […]

German video ad market to reach €4.7 billion this year

Video advertising in the German market – including both TV advertising and video streaming – is expected to grow by about 4% to €4.7 billion this year, according to the country’s commercial broadcasters’ association, the VPRT.  According to the VPRT, TV remained the most important ad medium in 2014, with revenues of €4.3 billion, up […]

TV ad revenue in UK reaches record £4.91 billion

TV advertising revenues in the UK climbed by 6% in 2014, reaching a record £4.91 billion for the full year, according to new research by Thinkbox.  The marketing body for commercial TV in the UK said that 2014 was the fifth consecutive year that TV ad revenue had grown in the UK and, citing stats […]

UK advertising market grows faster than expected

UK advertising expenditure grew at its fastest rate for three years in the first half of 2014, according to figures released by advertising trade body the Advertising Association/WARC. Growth was particularly strong in the second quarter, which saw significant increases across TV, radio and the internet, leading to a total of £5.515 billion for the […]

TV advertising losing market share to internet

TV continues to take the largest share of TV advertising revenue by medium, but the proportion it commands has peaked and because of the speed of growth in internet advertising, according to media buyer ZenithOptimedia. ZenithOptimedia says that TV share of the overall advertising market peaked last year when it accounted for 39.6% of all […]

‘Programmatic buying’ to account for 20% of US TV ad spend

‘Programmatic buying’, also known as automated media buying, will account for 20% of US TV advertising spend by 2018, according to Strategy Analytics.  The research firm claims that traditional TV ad buying practises, which have been “fairly static for decades” will start to shift in the coming years, as firms try to improve operational efficiencies. […]

TV remains ‘most effective’ way to advertise

TV advertising creates the most pound-for-pound profit and remains the “most effective form of advertising” according to new research.  The Thinkbox-commissioned study by media analytics firm Ebiquity found that TV gave an average return of £1.79 for every £1 invested during 2011-14. This compares to £1.52 for radio, £1.48 for press, £0.91 for online display, […]

Ad revenue in UK hits record high

TV ad revenue in the UK reached a record high of £4.63 billion (€5.59 billion) in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 3.5%, according to new research by Thinkbox. The figures represent all money invested by advertisers into commercial TV – across linear spot ads and sponsorships, broadcaster VOD and product placement – and mark the […]