Tony Hall

The BBC to become ‘creative catalyst’ for digital programmes

The BBC aims to become a “creative catalyst” that will help the market for digital programmes grow, according to director-general Tony Hall.  Speaking at the Technology Innovators Forum at the BBC’s Broadcasting House yesterday, Hall said that the BBC’s recently-announced plan to open a BBC-branded store for digital copies of the corporation’s programmes would open up […]

BBC to launch BBC One +1 channel

The BBC is due to launch BBC One +1 – a one-hour time delayed feed of its flagship channel – it announced yesterday. BBC director general Tony Hall revealed the plan as part of his vision for the future of the BBC, which also includes plans for a revamped iPlayer with 30-day, as opposed to […]

BBC partners with Spotify, YouTube on new music product

The BBC is teaming up with Spotify, Deezer and YouTube to launch new digital music product that will let listeners export music they hear on the BBC to online playlists.  Announced yesterday as part of BBC director general Tony Hall’s new vision for the BBC, the corporation said that BBC Playlister will “transform people’s relationship” […]

BBC to launch 30-day iPlayer, download to own, personalised channels

The BBC is to launch an enhanced iPlayer catch-up service including a 30-day viewing window and personalised on-demand features across multiple screens and a download-to-own store allowing viewers to purchase BBC programmes, according to director general Tony Hall. Unveiling his plans for the BBC’s digital future at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House, Hall said […]

BBC to launch Radio 1 video channel on iPlayer

The BBC is set to launch a Radio 1 video channel on its iPlayer catch-up service, it announced in the same week director-general Tony Hall is due to outline his future vision for the corporation. The BBC said the new channel was designed to reach an even bigger audience of young people, with the iPlayer […]

BBC shuts down “wasteful” Digital Media Initiative

The BBC is to close its Digital Media Initiative (DMI), which was designed to bring production and archive operations to a fully integrated, digital way of working, after director-general Tony Hall said the initiative had been a waste of money. “The DMI project has wasted a huge amount of licence fee payers’ money and I […]

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