Tele Columbus

Tele Columbus reduced price of broadband

German cable operator Tele Columbus has revamped its broadband offerings, reducing the price of its 128Mbps flat rate service by up to €15 a month. Tele Columbus’s 128Mbps double-play broadband and telephony service will now cost €39.99 for the first year, while the 64Mbps service will cost €29.99. Double-play flat-rate offerings of internet and telephony […]

KDG to focus on Tele Columbus acquisition, will compete with Unitymedia

German cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) is not planning further acquisitions in the immediate future and will focus on integrating Tele Columbus’s networks pending a positive Cartel Office decision, according to CEO Adrian von Hammerstein. Interviewed by newspaper Die Welt, Von Hammerstein said that KDG would not divest Tele Columbus networks in North-Rhine Westphalia and […]

Tele Columbus launches new HD package

German cable operator Tele Columbus has launched a new HD package, DigitalTV Plus HD, replacing the previous DigitalTV Komplett offering. DigitalTV Extra HD includes four HD channels – Geographic HD, AXN HD, Spiegel TV Wissen and Fox HD – and 24 SD channels for €15.99.

Tele Columbus launches new packages, boosts HD offering

German cable operator Tele Columbus has boosted its HD offering with seven new channels, taking the total to 48 HD services. Tele Columbus has launched a new Digital TV Extra HD package with four HD and 24 standard-definition services to replace its Komplett package from today. The new package, along with additional HD and SD […]

Tele Columbus adds SalveTV to digital tier

German cable operator Tele Columbus is making Thuringian local TV channel SalveTV available on its digital platform in the city of Erfurt and the surrounding region. The channel was previously available on Tele Columbus’s analogue tier.

Tele Columbus expands HD offering to 40 channels

German cable operator Tele Columbus has expanded its HD line-up with the addition of AXN HD and Spiegel TV Wissen HD. AXN HD, the Sony Pictures Television action and adventure channel, airs series including CSI: New York and NCIS. Spiegel TV Wissen HD airs documentaries, news reports and talk shows based on nature and society. […]

Tele Columbus serves up Servus TV

German cable operator Tele Columbus has added the Servus TV channel to its analogue offering. The free channel, owned by the Red Bull soft drinks company, offers news, sports, music and magazine shows. It is available to around one million Tele Columbus customers.

KDG confirms Tele Columbus acquisition

German cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) has confirmed the acquisition of Tele Columbus. Under the terms of a deal signed today, KDG will pay €603 million, plus accrued interest, for Germany’s largest level 4 cable operator, clearing its debt in the process. Tele Columbus provides basic cable services to approximately 1.7 million homes in Berlin […]

Kabel Deutschland to acquire Tele Columbus

Germany’s leading cable operator Kabel Deutschland (KDG) is to acquire Tele Columbus, according to a report in the Financial Times Deutschland. The paper reports that KDG has beaten rivals including Deutsche Telekom to strike a deal for the indebted operator, citing unnamed sources. The price is not known but is estimated to be in the […]

Tele Columbus invests in Dresden headend

German cable operator Tele Columbus has installed a new headend in Dresden, providing services to up to 100,000 households via an upgraded fibre network by 2016. The headend currently serves about 36,000 homes in Dresden, with 30,000 further households set to be added by the end of next year. The operator is investing about €15 […]