Sunrise Telecom

Sunrise chairman Dominik Koechlin dies aged 56

The chairman of the board of directors for Swiss service provider Sunrise, Dominik Koechlin, has died unexpectedly aged 56. In a statement, Sunrise said that Koechlin passed away after “a rapid deterioration in his state of health on 12 July, 2015.” Sunrise vice-chairman Lorne Somerville said: “Dominik’s death is a tragic loss for all of […]

Sunrise IPO to value firm at up to €3.3 billion

Swiss service provider Sunrise has set a price-range of CHF58 to CHF78 per-share for its IPO, which will give the firm an implied market value of CHF2.8 to CHF3.3 billion (€3.3 billion). Sunrise said it expects raise approximately CHF1.35 billion (€1.35 billion) in the offering, which it will use to reduce its debt. The firm […]

Sunrise TV growth fails to arrest overall revenue decline

Growth in the TV subscriber base of Swiss service provider Sunrise Telecom failed to prevent a decline in overall revenue and EBITDA in the first half of the year, partly due to lower prices in the mobile market.  Sunrise TV reached 60,000 subscribers by the end of June, with strong take-up of the Sunrise TV […]

Sunrise strikes deal to launch fibre services in Fribourg

Swiss service provider Sunrise Telecom has struck an agreement with ftth fr, a joint venture between the government of Switzerland’s Fribourg canton and electricity utilities Groupe E, Gruyère Energie and IB-Murten, to enable it to provide fibre-based broadband and TV services across the Fribourg region. Ftth fr has been charged with deploying FTTH infrastructure across […]

Trace Sports extends Swiss reach

Sports entertainment channel Trace Sports has secured carriage with Swiss IPTV provider Sunrise Telecom. Sunrise is the fourth Swiss operator to carry the channel, following deals with UPC Cablecom, Naxoo and Netdream. As part of the deal, brokered by US Media, the newly launched HD channel will be available exclusively to customers in Suisse Romande, […]

Sunrise TV growth fails to halt revenue decline

Swiss service provider Sunrise Telecom’s TV base has grown to over 50,000 homes just over one year after the service launched.  Sunrise said the success of features such as catch-up service ComeBack TV had boosted the TV offering and illustrated its strategy of becoming a full service provider in the Swiss market. Growth in TV […]