State of Online Video

Limelight: online viewing up but rebuffering still a problem

Consumers worldwide are watching more online video than ever, according to a new report from Limelight Networks. In State of Online Video, Limelight says total consumption has increased 58% since 2016, to an average of six hours, 45 minutes each week. However, the study also found that consumers are spending more time watching traditional broadcast, […]

Four in five millennials now subscribe to OTT

Some 80% of millennials subscribe to at least one over-the-top (OTT) service and 39% report watching at least seven hours of online video per week, according to new research. Limelight Networks’ ‘State of Online Video’ report said that as of this June 22.8% of millennials watch more than 10 hours of online video per week […]

Fifth of millennials watch over 10 hours online content a week

Some 19.3% of millennials now watch more than 10 hours of online content per week, according to new research by Limelight Networks. The US-based content delivery network’s State of Online Video report said the December 2015 figure marked a 22.8% increase in the proportion of millennials watching over 10 hours of web video a week […]