FreeWheel launches preferred partners initiative

Video advertising management specialist FreeWheel has launched a preferred partners initiative for supply-side platforms, with and SpotX becoming the first players to sign up. FreeWheel will offer customers who want to work with an supply-side platform the ability to do so via integrations with participating platforms that go beyond what is currently available as […]

Programmatic advertising set to expand

European online programmatic video revenues jumped from €22 million in 2012 to €375 million in 2015, according to research by IHS and SpotX, and programmatic advertising is expected to account for over 50% of the online video total by 2020. IHS forecasts programmatic advertising revenue will reach €2 billion by 2020, or over half of […]

SpotX launches in-content ad unit

Video advertising platform SpotX has launched a new in-content video ad unit that will allow traditional print publishers to run ads outside the conventional video stream. SpotX’s ‘In-Content Ad Unit’ allows publishers to insert video ads within content across their sites. The ads typically appear in between paragraphs of text, play while in view, and are designed to […]

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