Spacecom aims to buy in-orbit Amos-6 replacement by year-end

Spacecom has set itself an internal end-of-year deadline to buy an in-orbit satellite to replace Amos-6, which was destroyed in a launch-pad explosion earlier this month. Speaking to DTVE at IBC in Amsterdam, Spacecom’s senior vice-president of sales, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Jacob Keret said that while building a new satellite from […]

Spacecom looks for new satellite after Amos-6 explosion

Spacecom has said it is exploring the possibility of procuring and launching a replacement satellite following the loss of its Amos-6 in a launch-pad explosion. In a statement issued yesterday, Spacecom said that it will serve all of its current and future financial commitments and said it is developing a “plan of action” for how […]

Amos-6 satellite destroyed after launch-pad explosion

Spacecom’s Amos-6 satellite has been destroyed following the launch-pad explosion of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that was due to carry it into space. The explosion happened at Cape Canaveral yesterday at approximately 9.07am during a standard pre-launch static fire test. In a statement, SpaceX blamed an “anomaly” for the explosion that originated “around the […]

Chinese telecom group to acquire Spacecom

Israeli satellite operator Spacecom is to be sold to China’s Beijing Xinwei Technology Group for US$285 million (€253 million) in a deal that values the operator of the Amos satellites at a significant premium to its average stock price for the last month. Under the terms of the deal, the Chinese conglomerate will reportedly take on ILS1.478 […]

Spacecom teams with Encompass for new distribution platform

Israel-based satellite operator Spacecom has teamed up with technology company Encompass Digital Media to create a joint new European TV distribution platform. The joint service will be distributed throughout EMEA over the Amos-6 satellite’s Ku Pan-European beam from its 4° West prime orbital position. Amos-6 is scheduled to launch during the third quarter of 2016. […]

Spacecom schedules May launch for Amos-6

Satellite operator Spacecom’s Amos-6 satellite is now scheduled for launch via  a Space-X vehicle in May. The satellite, which will be co-located with the existing Amos-2 and Amos-3 craft at the 4° West orbital slot, will provide services to Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Its Ka-band beams have been selected […]

Spacecom confirms loss of Amos 5 satellite

Israel-based satellite operator Spacecom has confirmed the loss of its Amos-5 satellite at 17° East, according to local press. Spacecom reported last month that it had lost contact with Amos-5 and that it was working to re-establish communication with the spacecraft, but that it did not have further information about the cause of the anomaly. Despite […]

Spacecom’s Amos-5 satellite still lost in space

Spacecom is still trying to re-establish contact with Amos-5 after losing “all communications and signals” with the satellite over the weekend. A spokesperson for the company said that as of yesterday afternoon connection has not been re-established and that “neither Spacecom nor its partners have found an explanation for the outage.” “They have pored over […]

Spacecom loses contact with Amos-5

Satellite operator Spacecom has lost “all communications and signals” from its Amos-5 satellite at the 17°E orbital position, it announced over the weekend. The company said that the failure happened on Saturday and that it was working to re-establish communication with the satellite, but that it did not have further information about the cause of […]

Spacecom providing hybrid cellular-satellite broadband in Cameroon

Satellite operator Spacecom is providing rural settlements and educational institutions in Cameroon with hybrid cellular and satellite-delivered broadband via the Amos-5 satellite at 17° East. Spacecom is cooperating with Ringo S. A., a Cameroon ISP, to supply over 120 educational institutions, community centers and rural villages with broadband internet connections. The solution allows users to […]