Six Nations

Six Nations could move to coincide with Rugby Championship

Following its indefinite postponement as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Six Nations could move to coincide with the southern hemisphere’s Rugby Championship. According to a report from the Daily Telegraph, the organisers of the Six Nations are receptive to the idea of moving the tournament from its long standing February-March schedule to […]

Pay TV future more likely for Six Nations after government rejects ‘A list’ appeal

The UK government has declined to place the Six Nations rugby tournament on a list of sports events that must be made available free-to-view, increasing the chances that rights to the competition will be snapped up by a pay TV provider such as Sky. The event is currently listed as a ‘category B’ competition, meaning […]

BBC claims most-watched UK sports broadcaster title

The BBC claims it was the most-watched sports broadcaster in the UK last year, despite only showing 2% of sport on television. Based on internal BBC stats from its marketing and audiences division, the broadcaster claimed it notched up 40% of all sports viewing last year compared to second place Sky Sports with 31% – […]