Royal Charter

Clementi review: Ofcom should regulate BBC

The current system of governance of the BBC is “flawed” and the public broadcaster should be regulated directly by Ofcom, according to an independent review commissioned by the UK government. The report, which is part of the Government’s review of the BBC’s Royal Charter, recommends, in addition, that the BBC should should have a unitary […]

BBC’s royal charter should be axed, say Tory peers

The BBC should be independent of government interference and the royal charter scrapped, according to Conservative peers Lord Fowler and Lord Inglewood. In an open letter, published by the Guardian, the two former chairmen of the House of Lords select committee on communications said that while a royal charter “sounds very grand”, the idea that […]

BBC Trust chief calls for ‘public debate’ over future of the BBC

BBC Trust chairman Rona Fairhead has called for a “proper public debate” over the future, size and shape of the BBC as part of the corporation’s next charter review. In a speech to the Royal Television Society, Fairhead said that the Trust should be at the heart of the charter review debate and should not […]