BT offers to bring 10Mbps broadband to 99% of the UK

BT has offered to invest up to £600 million (€670 million) to deliver internet speeds of 10Mbps to 99% of the UK by 2020, as it seeks to avoid government regulation. BT voluntarily offered to provide the UK-wide coverage after the government said it would introduce a Universal Service Obligation (USO) to give every home […]

Ofcom to force Openreach to cut price for 40Mbps internet

UK telecom regulator Ofcom has said that it will cut wholesale prices charged by BT infrastructure arm Openreach for ultra-fast broadband access to safeguard consumers from high prices and stimulate uptake. Ofcom said it would cut the wholesale price that Openreach – the part of BT responsible for its network – can charge telecoms companies […]

Ofcom fines BT £42m over Openreach breaches

BT has been fined £42 million for a “serious breach” of Ofcom regulations, after it reduced compensation payments to telco rivals when it failed to deliver Ethernet broadband services on time. The UK broadcast and telecoms operator said the penalty is a result of an investigation into BT’s Openreach internet infrastructure division, which found that […]

BT agrees with Ofcom to legally separate Openreach

BT has reached an agreement with UK broadcast regulator Ofcom to legally separate out its internet infrastructure division Openreach. The deal will establish Openreach as a distinct company with its own staff, management, strategy and an obligation to “serve all its customers equally”, said Ofcom in statement. Announced this morning, the deal draws to a […]

Ofcom to force BT to legally separate Openreach

Ofcom is to formally notify BT to legally separate Openreach, the infrastructure arm that supplies the network used by rival service providers including Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone, after it said BT had failed to come forwards with proposals that met its competition concerns. Ofcom said it was “disappointed” that BT had yet to make proposals […]

Sky renews calls for Openreach to be separated from BT

Sky has renewed calls for BT’s infrastructure division, Openreach, to be fully separated from BT in order to “fix Britain’s lagging internet”. In a comment piece published by the Telegraph, Sky’s group chief operating officer and chief financial officer, Andrew Griffith, warned that the UK risks being “left in the slow lane” compared to other European […]

Sky, TalkTalk, Vodafone team up to present Openreach proposals

Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone have teamed up to present a “10-point plan for a better Openreach” to UK telecom regulator Ofcom to reform BT’s infrastructure arm Openreach, on which the companies rely to provide broadband access to their customers. Together with the Independent Networks Cooperative Association (INCA) and the Federation of Communication Services (FCS), the […]

BT sees TV growth, commits to G.Fast investment

BT’s TV base grew by 66,000 in the first three months of the year, and by 28% year-on-year, to reach 1.5 million at the end of the company’s fourth financial quarter. BT Sport’s average daily audience figures increased 45% year on year, from the start of the football season in August to the end of […]

IoD: UK should aim for 1,000x faster broadband speeds

The UK government has a “poverty of ambition” when it comes to national broadband speeds and should aim for speeds 1,000 times faster than current targets, according to business leaders. A new report by the Institute of Directors (IoD) calls for a new target that would give households and businesses access to speeds of 10 gigabits […]

Ofcom: BT must open up but not separate from Openreach

BT must open up its Openreach infrastructure arm to competitors, but for now will not be forced to shed the unit entirely, according to Ofcom. Publishing the initial conclusions of its review of digital communications, the UK broadcast regulator said that it is necessary to overhaul Openreach’s governance and strengthen its independence from BT. Openreach should […]