Ofcom calls on broadcasters to curb diverse talent drain

Broadcasters in the UK are facing a ‘diverse talent drain’, regulator Ofcom has said. In a new report, Ofcom has warned that more people are leaving the TV and radio industries than joining and that broadcasters are struggling to retain workers in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Alarmingly, more women are leaving broadcasting than […]

One in four UK homes now have access to full-fibre broadband

Around one in four UK homes can now get faster full-fibre internet, according to new figures from regulator Ofcom. According to the watchdog, just under seven million or 24% of all UK homes can take up full-fibre internet packages, up from 21% at the start of the year. Close to 12 million or 40% of […]

Virgin Media boosts Ofcom complaints in Q1

Complaints to UK regulator Ofcom about broadband and landline services hit a three-year high in the first quarter of this year, while complaints about pay TV services also increased in the three months to March. According to Ofcom, the increase was largely driven by Virgin Media, which was the most complained-about broadband, landline and pay TV provider. The main reason customers complained to Ofcom about Virgin Media was to do […]

UK streaming subs jump by 50% in 2020

UK streaming subscriptions rose by 50% during 2020 to reach 31 million, meaning that 60% of homes had a paid-for streaming service by the end of the year, according to Ofcom’s latest annual survey of media habits. According to the survey, some 52% of UK homes now have a Netflix subscription, exceeding the number that […]

Ofcom seeks new powers and new rules for PSBs and digital platforms

UK media and telecom regulator Ofcom has called for an overhaul of public service media (PSM) rules that includes measures that would oblige PSM providers to make their content available to on-demand platforms alongside guarantees about the prominence of public service media on digital platforms. The report, based on Ofcom’s long-running Small Screen: Big Debate […]

UK government looks to impose tighter rules on streamers

The UK government has confirmed it will explore tighter regulation on streamers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, in a move that could see the SVOD’s face the same “rules” as broadcasters such as the BBC and ITV. Details of the review, which was first revealed earlier this week, comes ahead of a broadcast white […]

Streamers operating in UK set to be regulated by Ofcom

Ofcom will reportedly move to bring Netflix and other streaming services under its regulatory eye. According to The Telegraph, UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden will set out a proposal this week in a whitepaper which would extend Ofcom’s remit to cover on-demand services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+. The move comes after […]

UK government to ‘ensure prominence of PSBs’ on smart TVs

The UK government is to enact new broadcasting legislation with the stated goal of protecting the future of public service media by ensuring that broadcasters’ apps have prominence on digital platforms, according to a report in the Financial Times. According to the report, citing Whitehall officials, the government will set aside legislative time to establish […]

Culture secretary calls on Ofcom to restart chairman hiring process over anti-Dacre lobbying

The UK government is set to restart its process of hiring a new chairman of Ofcom. The government’s favoured nominee – and personal choice of prime minister Boris Johnson – is former Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre. Reports of Dacre’s proposed appointment first emerged in February, while three other candidates are also being interviewed. However, […]

Openreach to ramp up full-fibre build after Ofcom ruling

BT has said that it will rapidly expand its full-fibre network in the wake of Ofcom’s decision not to impose price caps. The regulator announced that it would not put a limit on the amount that Openreach can charge wholesale buyers as an attempt to incentivise BT to invest £12 billion in the UK’s infrastructure […]