Motive Television

Motive Television renews Mediaset Premium deal

Technology company Motive Television has signed a renewal agreement with Italian pay TV operator Mediaset Premium to continue to provide support and other technology services for the maintenance and delivery of Motive’s headend product.  This agreement will ensure the continuity of Motive’s Content Express platform to operate the Mediaset’s Premium Service for a seventh year, […]

Motive TV gears up for TabletTV Plus’ US launch

Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting Corporation’s joint venture, Tablet TV, will start to take US pre-orders for its TabletTV Plus app in the US on November 12. The mobile TV app will initially be available for iOS tablets only, but is still pending final completed review and approval by the Apple App Store. The app […]

TabletTV Plus to launch in US this quarter

Motive Television and Granite Broadcasting Corporation’s joint venture, Tablet TV, will launch the TabletTV Plus app in the US in the middle of this quarter. The mobile TV application lets viewers watch broadcast and internet TV channels and access a mobile PVR for time-shifted viewing. The app includes Chromecast support, lets users simultaneously surf the […]

Motive to add OTT services to TabletTV

Technology provider Motive Television is set to add over-the-top TV services like Netflix and YouTube to its TabletTV service. Announcing the move, Motive said that it has developed new technology to add internet-delivered channels to its TabletTV offering in the UK and US, with plans to beta test the new offering this summer and to […]

Motive launches mobile PVR for the US

Technology provider Motive Television has launched a Mobile Personal Video Recorder that it claims to be the world’s first ATSC format PVR for mobile devices.  The product provides the ability to time shift over-the-air programmes seen on tablets and mobile devices, and works with the TabletTV app and TPod in the United States.  Users can […]

Motive begins testing maritime BYOD service

Technology provider Motive Television has begun testing a bring-your-own-device maritime platform with two ferry lines servicing Greece and Italy, with plans to launch the service commercially next month.  Motive last year teamed up with Athens-based Twin Peak to develop the service for the ferry services. The installation on the first ferries is currently being tested, […]

Motive to add Chromecast integration to TabletTV

Motive Television is set to integrate Google’s Chromecast technology into its TabletTV apps, so that viewers with the device can ‘cast’ what they are viewing onto TV screens.  The new functionality will become available during the next two months via an update to the TabletTV app, according to Motive. The new functionality will work with […]

Motive’s Tablet TV tuner launches in the UK

TabletTV, a digital tuner that is designed to let UK viewers watch Freeview TV from a tablet or mobile device, is available now to pre-order. Broadcast and pay TV technology provider, Motive Television, developed the tuner, which will work in conjunction with a TabletTV app, letting viewers watch over-the-air Freeview channels, record programmes and access […]

Mediaset expresses interest in Motive’s Tablet TV

Mediaset is expressing interest in deploying technology provider Motive Televisions Tablet TV technology, according to the company.  Motive says it has agreed to provide Mediaset a demonstration of the Company’s Tablet TV technology for evaluation by Mediaset executive and commercial management regarding a launch in Italy. Motive’s tablet TV technology is designed to enable broadcast […]

Motive gears up for UK Tablet TV launch

Broadcast technology company Motive Television is preparing to launch its Tablet TV Freeview product in the UK, after signing a final agreement with South Korean digital adapter firm, icube Corporation. Motive said it is set to release retail products that will enable “full-featured and certified Freeview broadcast TV to be received on mobile devices in […]