Microsoft is shutting down Mixer and partnering with Facebook Gaming

Microsoft is shutting down Mixer, its ill-fated game streaming platform that failed to make a dent in a market dominated by Amazon’s Twitch. Announcing the news on Monday, Microsoft confirmed that Mixer will officially switch off on July 22 and that it will focus its streaming efforts through a partnership with Facebook Gaming. Announcing the […]

Almost 4 billion hours watched as live streaming industry benefits from lockdown

The live streaming industry is thriving amid the global lockdown, with the sector growing a full 45% between March and April. According to the latest State of the Stream report from Stream Elements and Arsenal.gg, “the pandemic-driven shelter-in-place mandates have supersized the industry.” The overall sector grew by 99% year-over-year in terms of hours watched, […]

Twitch still top for game streaming, but Mixer starts to make a dent

Microsoft-owned live streaming site Mixer has started to close the gap, but it is still significantly behind Twitch. According to the annual State of the Stream report from StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, Mixer saw a 149% increase in hours of streamed content watched. In total, viewers watched 353.7 million hours of video on the platform this […]

Mixer drops subscription cost to match Twitch

Microsoft-owned game streaming platform Mixer has dropped the price of its subscription by a dollar to US$4.99, bringing it in line with a month-long tier 1 subscription on market-leader Twitch. Unlike a typical subscription service, all content on both platforms is free-to-view, with subscriptions allowing users to financially contribute to content creators they like. In […]

Top Twitch streamer Shroud is jumping ship to Mixer

Twitch is losing another of its top personalities, with Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek becoming the latest streamer to sign an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s Mixer. Shroud is currently ranked as the third most followed channel on the Amazon-owned Twitch, with 7,068,741 followers, a total of 364,981,784 views and 26,268 subscribers paying between US$4.99 – US$24.99 per […]

Esports revenues to top US$5bn in five years

Revenues from esports are expected to skyrocket from US$900 million (€802 million) in 2018 to US$5.05 billion (€4.5 billion) in 2024.  According to a new report from Rethink Technology Research, the revenue rise is set to be split between game publisher fees, sponsorship, media broadcasting rights, tickets and merchandise, tipping and advertising. While broadcasts of […]

Ninja reaches one million Mixer subscribers less than a week after leaving Twitch

In just five days of streaming on the platform, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has become the most subscribed-to channel on Mixer with 1 million active subscribers. Ninja is arguably the world’s most well-known gamer, and signed an exclusive contract with Microsoft-owned Mixer on August 1. Over his time on Twitch, he had gathered 14.7 million subscribers, […]

Ninja signs exclusive deal with Mixer

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shook the esports scene on Thursday, August 1 by announcing that he has signed a deal to exclusively stream on Microsoft-owned Mixer. The deal will serve as a huge boost to Mixer, which has seen modest results since its acquisition by Microsoft in 2016. Analytics firm Streamlabs estimated earlier in 2019 that […]

Fortnite World Cup 2019 Finals attract 20m viewers

Fortnite cemented its position as one of the hottest properties in esports with its inaugural World Cup attracting 19,629,975 total viewers on Twitch between July 26-28. According to Esports Charts, which collates esports viewers across multiple platforms, viewers watched a total of 22,705,809 hours across Mixer, Facebook, OpenRec.TV, Twitch and YouTube. The overall viewing peak […]

Twitch sees decline in viewers, but is still clear favourite for game streaming

Twitch saw its first record decline in viewership in Q2 2019, claims StreamElements. According to the latest StreamElements State of the Stream report, Twitch saw just over 2.7 billion hours of live streaming content viewed on the platform for the quarter, making up 72.2% of the total time spent watching live streams. While Twitch is […]