Portugal Telecom sees TV growth in tough market

Portugal Telecom’s Meo service saw residential and commercial pay TV subscribers rise 6.9% year-on-year and by 20,000 customers quarter-on-quarter to reach 1,334,000 at the end of March.  Portugal Telecom’s triple-play base increased by 37,000 in the quarter to March to reach 989,000, up 14.7% year-on-year. In the Portuguese residential market, the group had 1.168 million […]

Pay TV boost for Portugal Telecom, Brazil’s Oi refocuses offering

Portugal Telecom’s pay TV base grew by 7.5% in the course of 2013 to 1.315 million subscribers, while the company’s triple-play base increased by 14.3% to 952,000 – representing 45.8% of its customer base.  The company said its share of the Portuguese pay TV market grew from 39.2% in 2012 to 41.4% in 2013. Portuguese […]

Portugal Telecom extends Meo brand in quad-play drive

Portugal Telecom has decided to rebrand all its consumer services, including mobile, under the Meo brand that is already used for its fixed-line offerings. The move means the ending of the TMN brand for mobile services and the establishment of Meo as the company’s quad-play brand. Portugal Telecom said Meo was now established as a […]

Virgin Media signs up as UK ISP partner for PlayStation 4

Virgin Media is teaming up with Sony as the UK internet service provider (ISP) partner for PlayStation 4, which Sony announced yesterday would launch globally in November.  Sony said that alongside Virgin Media, it was introducing “VIP broadband” for the PS4 with a selection of other European partners, including Deutche Telekom in Germany, Orange in France, ONO in Spain and MEO in […]

Analysts welcome Portugal Telecom dividend cut and refinancing

Moody’s has welcomed Portugal Telecom’s decision to cut its dividend to shareholders by half and an extension of its refinancing agreement. The ratings agency said that both moves by the telco, which operates the Meo IPTV service, alleviate financial risk and support its effort to reduce debt. “Moody’s notes that the dividend cut and refinancing […]

PT claims third of Portuguese pay TV market

Portugal Telecom (PT) had 919,000 pay TV customers at the end of June.   The company said it had added 89,000 pay TV customers over the six months. PT claimed a 32% share of the country’s pay TV market for its Meo offering at the end of June. PT also said it passed one million […]

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