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Nicky Morgan to stay on as DCMS secretary

Nicky Morgan is staying on as the UK’s Digital, Culture, Media and Sport secretary. Morgan, who resigned as an MP in October, will be created a life peer in order to continue on in the role. This is despite a year prior matter of factly saying: “I would not serve in a Boris Johnson cabinet.” […]

UK government launches review into licence fee decriminalisation

British prime minister Boris Johnson has reiterated the government’s plans to review sanctions for non-payment of the TV licence fee. The treasury’s chief secretary Rishi Sunak confirmed that the PM has ordered a review to the process which can see non-payment end in a court appearance and potential fines of up to £1,000. Speaking on […]

UK government contemplating decriminalisation of licence fee non-payment

The British government is considering decriminalising non-payment of the BBC’s licence fee.  Speaking to the broadcaster’s radio network, justice secretary Robert Buckland said that “we are talking about… the decriminalisation of failing to pay the TV licence.” It currently is a criminal offence to watch live TV or use the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up service without […]

Labour’s Watson: “Vote Labour to save free TV licences”

With the UK general election campaign well underway, Labour has pledged to keep free TV licences for over-75s should the party win. In June, the BBC announced its controversial plans to start charging over-75s for a TV licence. This would result in up to 3.7 million households will lose their free TV licence and having […]

Culture secretary will not intervene in BBC decision to scrap free TV licences for over 75s, “open-minded” to subscription model

UK culture secretary Nicky Morgan has said she is “open-minded” about changes to the way the BBC is funded, including moving from a licence-fee model towards a subscription-led service. Morgan was responding to a question during a Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport select committee meeting in which she was asked whether she would […]

BBC defends over-75s licence fee plans following damning DCMS committee report

The BBC has responded to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee report into the PSB’s decision to cut free TV licences for over-75s, backing its new ruling.  The report said that the body was “disappointed with the BBC’s decision not to continue free licences for the over-75s.” As quoted by a […]

Irish government: “We won’t scrap free licence fees”

TV licences for the elderly will remain free in Ireland, the country’s government has stated. The announcement came shortly after the BBC’s controversial decision to scrap free licence fees for people aged over 75. It has been estimated that 3.7 million households will lose their free TV licence. They will instead have to start paying […]

French content groups slam minister’s licence fee abolition plan

Groups representing French content creators have united to condemn the possible abolition of the TV licence fee, proposed by public accounts minister Gérald Darmanin last Friday. Interviewed by BFMTV, Darmanin questioned the continued viability of the licence fee, arguing that growing numbers of people viewed content on screens other than the TV. Darmanin suggested that […]

BBC licence fee to go up in April

The UK government has confirmed that the BBC licence fee will increase from £150.50 (€171.75) to £154.40 per year from April 1, 2019. Licence fee payers will receive a reminder or a payment plan reflecting the new amount when their licence is next due for renewal. Those buying or renewing a licence after 1 April […]

BBC report explores alternatives to free over-75s licence fee

The BBC would have to use the equivalent of 18% of its total service spend to continue offering free licence fees to over 75s after the costs of these are transferred to the broadcaster in 2020. This is according to a Frontier Economics report, commissioned by the BBC, that explores the longer-term funding options relating to […]

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