Kabel Deustchland

Kabel Deutschland sees premium TV lift

Strong premium TV growth in the quarter to June has helped Vodafone-owned Kabel Deutschland lift its revenue generating unit total by 920,000 year-on-year. The cable operator raised its premium TV total by 38,000 net additions in its first fiscal quarter, to 2.564 million. Kabel Deutschland’s direct subscriber base expanded to 7.7 million, up 121,000 net […]

Kabel Deutschland taps IneoQuest for behavioural measurement and analytics

Vodafone-owned Kabel Deutschland has tapped quality assurance specialist IneoQuest to provide its audience measurement platform for adaptive streaming (AMP ASM) and its AMP Endpoint Analytics SDK, a cloud-based platform that anonymously gathers, analyses, filters, and reports operational and behavioural metrics direct from playback devices and network monitoring elements. The use of IneoQuest’s platform will enable […]

Kabel Deutschland to pay dividend

German cable operator Kabel Deustchland is proposing its first divided of €1.50 a share at its AGM today. If approved by shareholders, the company will pay a total of €132.8 million for the year ended March 31 2012. The operator said its share price had risen significantly since the last AGM a year ago, reflecting […]