TV now 55% digital as global analogue switch-offs continue

More than 55% of households with a TV now receive a digital signal, compared to just 30% in 2008, according to new global stats by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). According to the report, 81% of homes in the developed world now receive a digital signal. In the developing world, this figure is now 42% having […]

Global mobile broadband penetration now three times fixed-line, says ITU

There will be three times as many mobile broadband subscriptions globally as fixed-line broadband subscriptions by the end of this year, according to the International Telecommunication Union’s (ITU) 2013 State of Broadband Report. The ITU report, presented at the latest Broadband Commission for Digital Development meeting in New York, says that mobile broadband subscriptions are […]

African countries agree switchover, allocation of 700MHz to mobile

Forty-seven sub-Saharan African countries have agreed on frequency coordination for digital switchover in 2015. According to the ITU, the consolidation of national plans to implement switchover is in line with deadlines set in 2006 by the Regional Radiocommunication Conference for UHF switchover by June 2015, with VHF networks in 33 countries set to close down […]

ITU moves forward with for high-speed internet over copper

The new standard for very high-speed broadband services over existing copper wires has taken a step closer towards realisation after an ITU study group approved a recommendation that specifies methods to minimise the risk of equipment interfering with broadcast services such as FM radio. The Geneva meeting of ITU-T Study Group 15 paves […]

ITU study reveals pattern of global internet use growth

Thirty-nine per cent of the world’s population, or 2.7 billion people, will be using the internet by the end of 2013, according to estimates by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Internet access will remain relatively limited in the developing world, with only 31% of the population forecast to be online at the end of 2013, […]

ITU agrees new HEVC standard for video

The ITU has agreed on the creation of a new standard for High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the next-generation compression technology that could see a halving of bandwidth requirements for video over the current H.264 standard. The ITU-T Study Group 16 has agreed the first stage of approval for the standard, formally known as H.265 or […]

G20 governments encouraged to do more on broadband

G20 governments need to do more to promote the development of broadband networks, applications and services, according to the Broadband Commission. The Commission sent an open letter to the G20, urging them to take more action on the development of broadband. “In the Information Society of the 21st century, countries must make the necessary investments […]

EC gives small comfort to broadcasters on spectrum

The European Commission’s radio spectrum chief has given partial assurance to Europe’s broadcasters over fears that the future of radio spectrum previously earmarked for terrestrial broadcasting could be assigned to wireless broadband services, but warned that the future of the spectrum would be subject to discussion. Pearse O’Donohue, the EC’s head of radio spectrum policy […]

ITU boost for 3DTV

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has issued new recommended standards for 3D TV production and distribution. It has also recommended methods to evaluate 3D TV image quality, depth and viewer comfort level. The ITU said its work will provide a boost to the fledgling 3D TV sector. “3DTV has made a huge impact on TV […]

ITU unveils “dawn of a new age for television” UHDTV standard

The ITU has released a new recommendation that it says will serve as the basis for a standard for ultra high-definition television (UHDTV). The draft standard, developed by the ITU Radiocommunications Sector’s Study Group 6, has been submitted to ITU administrations for approval. The recommendation lays out a two-step process for the development of UHDTV. […]