IP multicast

RIST main profile now supporting IP Multicast authentication

Industry body the Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) Forum has announced that its RIST main profile specification, known as VSF TR-06-2, now supports IP Multicast authentication. The upcoming TR‑06‑2:2022 version of the spec includes a mechanism to authenticate a multitude of receivers in the shape of the EAP SHA256-SRP6a authentication protocol. The RIST Forum exists to promote the […]

Spain’s Telecable eyes 4K move

Spanish operator TeleCable is trialling 4K with a view to possibly supporting the technology from next year, according to chief technology officer Jesús Pérez Iglesias. Speaking at the Arris Video Leadership Forum in Barcelona this week, Iglesias said TeleCable is currently running Ultra HD trials, but warned there are “several problems” with the technology – […]