Internet TV

Netflix nears 100m users but misses Q1 sign-up target

Netflix is on the verge of reaching 100 million members, but missed its new subscriber forecast for its latest quarter. In a letter to shareholders to accompany its first quarter 2017 results, Netflix dismissed quarterly variances in customer sign-ups as “mostly noise” in the long-term growth and uptake of internet TV. The subscription video on-demand […]

EU net neutrality rules to allow for ‘higher quality’ internet TV services

The European Union rules on net neutrality are likely to allow service providers to establish fast lanes for applications including internet TV provided they do not impinge on other traffic, according to the latest agreement between the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council on the telecom single market package. “In the open Internet, all traffic […]

Cyfrowy Polsat’s Ipla passes four million customers

Polish pay TV operator Cyfrowy Polsat said that its internet TV service Ipla attracted an average 4.2 million users for its app and website in the first quarter of the year.  In its interim consolidated quarterly report for the three months ended March 31, 2014, Polsat said that the online service, which it acquired in […]