ILS Proton

Eutelsat 9B on track for late-January launch

Eutelsat’s 9B satellite is on track to launch by an ILS Proton rocket on 28 January, the company confirmed. The Airbus Defence and Space-built satellite is scheduled to launch from Baikonour, Kazakhstan, and is the first of three Eutelsat satellites that are slated to launch in 2016. Eutelsat 9B is a high-capacity Ku-band satellite for […]

SES successfully launches Astra 2E satellite

SES successfully launched its Astra 2E satellite into orbit on board an ILS Proton Breeze M booster last night at 3.38 am local time in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The Proton rocket released the satellite into geostationary transfer orbit after nine hours and 12 minutes. Astra 2E will be deployed at the 28.2/28.5 degrees orbital arc and […]