High-end Television Tax Relief

UK grants £184m tax relief to 60 high-end TV shows in 2017/18

Sixty programmes received £184 million in High-End Television Tax Relief (HTR) in 2017-18, according to UK government stats. In total, HTR was paid to 180 claims, with each show able to make several claims during the production process.The government said that the 60 shows accounted for UK expenditure of £612 million (€685 million). Since HTR […]

UK creative sector benefits from £700m in tax relief

The UK’s creative industries have benefitted from more than £700 million in tax relief over the past year, according to government stats. Creative Sector Tax Reliefs were introduced to help UK businesses and the government report claims that TV series like Netflix’s The Crown and films like Lady Macbeth are among the productions to have […]