BT: Ultra HD upgrades ‘two years away’

BT will be able to integrate new technology like High Dynamic Range into its Ultra HD offering, but does not expect upgrades to come for another two years, according to Delia Bushell. Speaking at IBC this morning, the managing director of BT TV and BT Sport said that the UK operator had a “big debate” […]

Hispasat claims global first with HDR broadcast

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat has begun broadcasting a second-generation UHD TV test service incorporating HDR content. Hispasat says it is the first satellite service globally to broadcast in the Dolby Vision HDR format. The new permanent service is now available through the European beams of Hispasat 1E, and has been launched in collaboration with Cellnex […]

CEA outlines industry definition for HDR video displays

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has announced the industry definition for high dynamic range (HDR)-compatible video displays, paving the way for the introduction of HDR-capable screens. The new CEA designation is designed to help retailers and consumers identify display products that have the technology needed to display HDR content properly. The CEA said its display manufacturer […]

LG to launch first HDR OLED flat-screen TV

LG is to launch an HDR TV flat-screen TV in the US, UK, Germany and Korea at the end of this month. The EF9500 range comprises two 4K models that the Korean manufacturer is rolling out as part of its new OLED range of devices. LG is making 65-inch and 55-inch variants available. LG says […]

Amazon Prime Instant Video brings HDR TV to UK

Amazon Prime Instant Video is to make its original content available in the High Dynamic Range (HDR) format in Europe for the first time. Amazon is launching HDR TV on its Prime Instant Video services in the UK, Germany and Austria, as well as the US, where it made content available on the Samsung SUHD […]

Technicolor unveils HDR and SDR compatibility solution

Technicolor has launched what it describes as a High Dynamic Range (HDR) single-layer solution that is compatible with MPEG HEVC standards and backwards compatible with legacy Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) displays. Technicolor’s technology enables the coding and delivery of HDR content in a single stream to accurately display the content regardless of the display type. […]

M-Go reportedly to stream HDR 4K content this year

Technicolor and DreamWorks-owned streaming service M-Go is reportedly planning to launch an HDR 4K service this year. According to US website Twice, citing M-Go’s chief operating officer Christophe Louvon, the company, which offers transactional VoD content, will launch with a full selection of HDR content that it will build up quickly. Other streaming video providers […]

Seven out of 10 UHD TVs to support HDR by 2020

Nearly 70% of Ultra High Definition (UHD) TVs will support new technologies like high dynamic range (HDR), wider colour gamut, high frame rates, and immersive audio by 2020, according to ABI Research.  ABI said that these new technologies and enhancements will advance the viewing experience “far more” than higher resolution alone, but that advancements in […]

Samsung reportedly to launch HDR service soon

Samsung is to launch the first commercially available Higher Dynamic Range (HDR) video content as part of a new UHD video pack, possibly as early as next month, according to a report in Forbes magazine. According to the report, Samsung will air two full-length Hollywood movies at a native UHD resolution, the titles of which […]

SES and Samsung demo first DVB transmission of HDR UHD TV

Satellite operator SES and Samsung Electronics have this week teamed up to demo what they say is the first DVB transmission of High Dynamic Range UHD TV at the annual SES Industry Days in Luxembourg. The content is being transmitted via an SES satellite directly to a Samsung SUHDTV using the BBC’s Hybrid Gamma (HDR) […]