HbbTV Association

HbbTV Association releases updated test suite

The HbbTV Association has released version 9.2 of its test suite, to support HbbTV certification of devices coming to market in 2018. The Test Suite is available to be used by any organisation through one of the registered HbbTV test centres or directly by HbbTV members themselves. “Designed to enable compliance with the current HbbTV […]

HbbTV Association backs Nordic move to HbbTV2

The HbbTV Association has welcomed NorDig’s new specification, which marks the Nordic region’s first steps from HbbTV1.5 to HbbTV 2.0. NorDig – which specifies the technical specifications for digital TV in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Ireland – released specifications to support the adoption of HbbTV 2 at the end of last month. Responding today […]

HbbTV requests video streaming proposals

The HbbTV Association has called for input on a reference application for streamed, DRM-protected video to HbbTV televisions and set-top boxes. The request for proposals came as the HbbTV Association said it aims to make it easier for broadcasters and content providers to monetise content by “providing a known working application” that they can use […]

HbbTV Association releases test suite for HbbTV 2

The HbbTV Association has released its test suite version 9.0, which will support the HbbTV 2 specification. According to the association, the new test suite expands on the existing suite, making it 50% larger with an additional 350 new tests covering HbbTV 2 functionality as well as improving test coverage of the HbbTV 1.1 and […]

HbbTV Association joins with Smart TV Alliance

The HbbTV Association is set to merge the activities of the Smart TV Alliance into HbbTV, extending the scope of the HbbTV Specification to address OTT services. Announcing the move, the two organisations said that combining their efforts will streamline standards for over-the-top services, providing a more efficient approach for manufacturers, broadcasters, content producers and […]

HbbTV Association to launch operator app specification

The HbbTV Association has announced plans to launch a specification for operator applications, based on the existing HbbTV 2.0 specification. TV operators will be able to develop their apps using commonly used web technologies, including HTML5, and the specification will be suitable for operators of any kind of free of pay TV service delivered over […]

HbbTV 2.0 test suite to go live this summer

The HbbTV Association has now received all the test material it needs to release the first HbbTV 2.0-compatible test suite, it announced.    The open standards body said that HbbTV test suite V9.0 is expected to be available before the end of the summer and will add over 500 new tests covering HbbTV 2.0 functionality […]

HbbTV Association welcomes Freeview Play launch

The HbbTV Association has welcomed the recent launch of Freeview Play in the UK, which is built on the HbbTV 2.0 standard that was released earlier this year. Freeview Play lets viewers access advanced TV services like catch-up TV from broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5 and supports the development of […]

HbbTV 2.0 specification announced

The HbbTV Association has released the specification for Hbb 2.0, paving the way for a “new wave of consumer TV services.” HBB 2.0 will support HTML5, MPEG-DASH and advanced video delivery features like Ultra HD and HEVC, with the first compliant receivers expected to be released during 2016. The new standard will also support companion […]

HbbTV symposium to take place next week

The HbbTV Association and the French HD Forum will run a symposium for the HbbTV community in Paris next week. The event, HbbTV in Action, will feature experts from across the world discussing the latest HbbTV accomplishments on a broad range of topics, according to the group. The symposium will take place at the Espace […]