Google Glass

Google to stop making Google Glass for now

Google is to stop producing its Google Glass product and is moving the Google Glass team out of its Google X incubator labs to become a separate division.  Google said that its Explorer programme – the current iteration of making Google Glass available to the public – would come to an end on January 19. […]

Accenture and KPN team up to bring TV apps to Google Glass

Accenture and Dutch telco KPN have developed a proof of concept to bring interactive TV services to the Google Glass device. Accenture said that the two companies had not developed a commercial product but that they were exploring the potential applications of wearable technologies for TV viewers. The proof of concept is being demonstrated at […]

Google closes in on ‘intuitive cross device experience’

Google CEO Larry Page said that the firm is “closing in on our goal of a beautiful, simple, and intuitive experience regardless of your device,” citing recent developments like Google Glass and its Chromecast TV dongle. Speaking on the firm’s third quarter earnings call, Page said “as screens multiply, people navigating across them seamlessly becomes […]

Thuuz Sports launches on Google Glass

Mobile and connected TV sports service Thuuz is launching a version of its app on Google Glass – the search giant’s web-connected glasses product.  Thuuz said the new service is designed to alert Glass owners to trending games in their favourite sports as well as score updates for specific teams. “Today there’s an abundance of […]