Trump names net neutrality critic as FCC chairman

US President Donald Trump has named an outspoken critic of net neutrality as the chairman of US media and telecoms regulator the Federal Communications Commission. Ajit Pai has been an FCC commissioner since 2012, appointed by former president Barack Obama despite their differing views on how the internet should be regulated as a hat-tip to […]

Televisa set to up Univision stake with FCC blessing

Mexican broadcasting giant Televisa is set to significantly up its stake in Hispanic US network Univision after media regulators okayed the plan. The Federal Communications Commission yesterday greenlit a joint petition from Televisa and Univision to allow the former to increase its 14% voting interest and 10% equity stake. This means New York-listed Televisa is […]

FCC warns AT&T on ‘zero-rating’ DirecTV Now

The US communications regulator, the FCC, has warned AT&T that it is concerned about its plans for the DirecTV Now streaming service. DirecTV, which is owned by US telco AT&T, is rolling out its streaming product later this month with about 100 channels for US$35 (€32), and AT&T will reportedly scrap data charges for its […]

Netflix calls on FCC to probe data caps

Netflix has called on the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate whether data caps imposed by service providers are holding back the development of OTT TV services such as its own. In a written response to the FCC’s call for comments on ways to accelerate the deployment of advanced telecom services in the US, […]

US service providers submit app plan to head off set-top proposal

US pay TV and cable operators have grouped together to propose an alternative app-based option in an attempt to head of the FCC’s plan to open up the set-top box market to competition. The operators, including Comcast, AT&T and representatives of cable association the NCTA have proposed an approach that would involve all large service […]

FCC’s open internet rules upheld

A US appeals court has upheld regulator the FCC’s Open Internet rules, sparking wildly opposing responses from the cable industry and the likes of Netflix. If enacted, the rules will reclassify broadband providers as telecommunication services under Title II of the US Federal Communications Act, effectively subjecting them to stronger regulation and banning them from […]

FCC approves Altice’s US$17.7bn Cablevision deal

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved Altice’s US$17.7 billion (€15.7 billion) deal to acquire US cable player Cablevision. In a memo released yesterday, the US regulator said that the deal is “unlikely to result in any significant public interest harms” and that approving the deal “serves the public interest.” “We find that the transaction […]

Obama backs FCC proposal to ‘unlock the box’

US president Barack Obama has backed plans by regulator the FCC to allow software, devices, and other solutions to compete with the set-top boxes. A post on the official White House website confirmed that the President and his administration are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to open up set-top cable boxes to competition, letting […]

FCC votes to ‘unlock the box’

US regulator the FCC has approved plans that will allow software, devices, and other solutions to compete with the set-top boxes in a bid to “tear down anti-competitive barriers.” The Federal Communications Commission said the proposal offers a framework to “unlock the box”, giving more choices to the “99% US pay TV subscribers” that currently […]

NCTA hits back at FCC set-top plans

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has hit back at FCC plans to “unlock the set-top box” in the US market. On a conference call this week, NCTA president Michael Powell said the FCC proposal would take up to seven years to fully implement, by which time the video market may look very different […]