European Union

EU to consider making big tech shoulder network costs in Europe

The European Union is set to launch a consultation into whether big tech players like Google and Facebook should contribute towards telecoms network costs. This comes after a period of successful lobbying from European telcos who have long called on big tech to shoulder at least part of their network costs.  In a statement, EU […]

EU to announce strict cybersecurity rules for smart device makers

The European Union is set to introduce new laws which will increase the cybersecurity scrutiny on smart device makers. The EU executive will announce its new proposal, dubbed the Cyber Resilience Act, on September 13 and it is expected to subsequently be signed into law.  The new regulation will mean that any smart device connected […]

EU opens antitrust investigation into Broadcom 

The European Union has opened an investigation into alleged anti-competitive practices by Broadcom.  The commission will assess whether Broadcom has enforced exclusivity agreements to leverage its position and block competitors. In particular, the investigation will look at Broadcom chipsets for set-top boxes and modems.  While the investigation is ongoing, the EU says that it intends […]

EU gives Telenor responsibility for key 5G project

The European Union has given Telenor Group coordination responsibility for its new European project to accelerate the uptake of 5G across Europe. The initiative, 5G Verticals INNovation Infrastructure (5G-VINNI), comprises 23 partners including major operators, academia and industry vendors. The project is designed to ease uptake of 5G mobile platforms in Europe by providing afacility […]

EU reaches agreement on content portability

The European Parliament, the European Commission and member states have reached an agreement on implementing new rules to enable content portability, allowing EU citizens to view services they subscribe to no matter where they are in the Union. The deal is the first covering the modernisation of EU copyright rules proposed in the EU’s Digital […]

IHS Markit: EU cable revenues up despite dip in TV customers

The cable industry in the European Union grew from €21.2 billion in 2014 to €22.4 billion in 2015, despite a dip in cable TV subscribers, according to IHS Markit. The research firm’s new ‘2016 European Broadband Cable Yearbook’ claims that the industry grew despite “increasing competition” from traditional and over-the-top (OTT) players. TV accounted for […]

ZenithOptimedia: UK risks £1bn ad loss post Brexit

Exiting the European Union could cost the UK £1 billion in lost advertising revenues, according to data from media agency ZenithOptimedia. It said that while the short term effect would be minimal, ‘Brexit’ could cost the UK £70 million in advertising spend growth annually, equating to £1 billion by 2030. It did not break out […]

EBU supports ‘opt in’ option as content portability debate rolls on

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has said it supports the idea of an ‘opt-in option’ for broadcasters to enable viewers to access free-to-view online services while travelling abroad with the EU. The EBU said it welcomed tentative moves by European Union member states to enable greater content portability during the EU’s Competitive Council meeting this […]

Quarter of European homes to have 4K TVs in 2019

Household penetration of 4K TVs will reach 34% in the US and 25% in the European Union in 2019, according to new research by IHS. The study claims that uptake of 4K TVs in both markets will outstrip Japanese adoption, with only 14% of households in Japan expected to have a 4K TV in 2019 […]

EU and China sign 5G partnership

The European Union and China have signed a “milestone” agreement on 5G – the next generation of communication networks. Both parties have committed to “reciprocity and openness” in terms of access to 5G networks research funding, market access as well as in membership of Chinese and EU 5G associations. China and the EU have agreed […]