Zenterio integrates Ekioh HTML5 browser

TV software platform provider Zenterio has added Ekioh’s HTML5 TV browser to the range of products integrated within its TV operating system. According to Zenterio, Ekioh’s TV broaser provides it with a range of features including the ability support HTML5 middleware and render the latest OTT portals from within its TV OS UI. “Our longstanding […]

Dune HD deploying Ekioh rendering engine

Set-top box specialist Dune HD has deployed Ekioh’s twin rendering engine technology on its devices, which it says will enable advanced middleware implementations of its technology featuring high graphics performance.  According to Dune HD, Ekioh’s SVG-based technology enables middleware providers to deliver high-performance user interfaces in combination with Ekioh’s WebKit-based HTML5 engine for third-party web […]