EC’s Oettinger: European project in ‘grave danger’

The European project is in “grave danger” following the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, according to the European Commissioner for digital economy and society. Speaking at an informal Competition Council meeting in Bratislava, Günther Oettinger said that the UK Brexit decision made it clear that distrust of the EU is “one of several […]

Paramount to end geoblocking in EU deal

US studio Paramount has agreed a settlement with the European Commission to no longer geoblock movies from its deals with Sky. The EC has been investigating whether Sky’s film UK and Ireland deals with the major US studios, including Paramount, are anti-competitive, and yesterday’s agreement marks the first result of the inquiry. The impact could be far-reaching […]

Vodafone and Liberty Global offer concessions for Dutch merger

Vodafone and Liberty Global have offered unspecified concessions in an attempt to gain EC approval for the planned merger of their Dutch operations. The pair have filed their offer with the EC, but without making details public. The EC is now provisionally due to rule on the merger at the beginning of next month. Earlier […]

EC sets July deadline for Liberty-Vodafone decision

The European Commission’s competition authority has set a provisional July 19 deadline for ruling on Vodafone and Liberty Global’s Dutch merger. The Commission will opt to either approve the deal with or without conditions in the preliminary phase or open a full-scale investigation, according to Reuters. Vodafone and Liberty Global agreed in February to merge […]

EC’s Oettinger joins line-up of speakers at ANGA COM

European digital economy and society commissioner Günther Oettinger is to headline the second day’s conference agenda at this year’s ANGA COM. Oettinger will present his view on broadband investments and connectivity in the Gigabit Society. His speech on Wednesday morning at 09:00 is open to all visitors and exhibitors. ANGA COM will open its doors […]

EC to enable content levy to be imposed on Netflix-type services

The European Commission has confirmed that it will oblige on-demand services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video to ensure there is at least a 20% share of European content in their catalogues. The EC has also said that EU member states will be able to ask on-demand services to contribute financially to European […]

Europe marks mixed progress towards digital economy

Europe has made progress towards achieving a digital economy over the year since the inauguration of the EC’s digital single market strategy, but the pace of that progress is slowing down, according to the Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Overall, the EU achieved a DESI score of 0.52 this year, up from 0.50. […]

EBU calls for action to help Bosnian broadcaster

The EBU has called for urgent action from the EC to save Bosnia and Herzegovina public broadcaster and EBU member BHRT from impending financial collapse. In a letter to decision makers in Brussels, EBU director-general Ingrid Deltenre said that lack of funds and debts was endangering the future of the broadcaster. In the letter, to […]

EC spectrum plan raises alarm at EBU

The EBU has expressed strong concern about proposals from the European Commission to set a hard 2020 deadline for clearance of the 700MHz spectrum band for mobile applications and introduce a ‘flexibility option’ to enable other services to use sub-700MHz UHF frequencies under certain circumstances. The EBU says the proposals go against the conclusions of […]

EBU welcomes EU move on Polish media law

The EBU has welcomed the EU’s initiation of a preliminary ‘structured dialogue’ with the Polish government about the country’s controversial new media law under the ‘rule of law’ powers created in 2014 to protect democratic values. The European Commission has requested information on the impact of changes in the law on Poland’s public service broadcasters, […]

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