Belgacom lines up two new directors

Belgian telco Belgacom is set to appoint two female independent directors at its annual general meeting next month. The board has proposed that Belgacom appoint former Vivendi Publishing chairman and CEO Agnès Touraine, who is currently working as chief executive of management consulting firm Act III Consultants. The second proposed director is Catherine Vandenborre, the […]

Canal+ creates new OTT unit under Manuel Alduy

Canal+ has named Manuel Alduy as director of Canal OTT, a new position that places him in charge fo the French pay TV group’s mobile, web and personalised TV offerings.  Alduy will be charged with deploying pay offering son the internet and developing new multichannel distribution networks on the web. Canal OTT groups together new […]

New board member for Intelsat

Satellite operator Intelsat has named John Diercksen as an independent director. Diercksen, currently an executive vice-president at Verizon Communications, will also serve on Intelsat’s audit committee. We are delighted to have John join Intelsat’s board,” said David McGlade, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Intelsat. “With his background in telecommunications, strategic planning […]