Digital Economy and Society Index

EU survey highlights digital progress

Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands have the most advanced digital economies in the EU, according to the EU’s latest Digital Economy and Society Index. According to the index, which measures how ‘digital’ EU member states are across connectivity, human capital and digital skills, integration of digital technology by businesses, and digital public services, Slovenia […]

Europe marks mixed progress towards digital economy

Europe has made progress towards achieving a digital economy over the year since the inauguration of the EC’s digital single market strategy, but the pace of that progress is slowing down, according to the Commission’s Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Overall, the EU achieved a DESI score of 0.52 this year, up from 0.50. […]

Denmark ‘most digital country’ according to EU stats

Denmark is ‘the most digital country’ in Europe, according to new stats released yesterday by the European Commission, which has made moving to a “fully-fledged digital single market” one of its top priorities. According to the Digital Economy and Society Index, Denmark had an overall score of 0.68 (out of 1) and ranked first of the 28 EU […]