Canadian pay TV subs in decline

The CTRC has issued 2015 figures that reveal a decrease in subscribers, revenues and employees across the sector, and an increase in costs. The sobering 2015 stats round-up from the Canadian communications regulator shows that cumulative pay TV subs decreased to 11.2 million, a 200,000 decline year-on-year. Across the cable and IPTV operators revenues fell […]

Netflix refuses to hand over data to Canadian regulator

Netflix has refused to hand over subscriber, viewing and programme spend data to Canadian communications regulator the CRTC. The US-listed streaming service had been ordered to disclose the information by 17:00 yesterday by the CRTC as part of its ongoing hearings into the country’s TV sector. Netflix had demanded confidentiality guarantees but the regulator had […]

Clock ticking as Canadians demand Netflix data

Canadian communications regulator the CRTC has demanded Netflix reveal subscriber, viewing and programme expenditure data and threatened to waive the streaming service’s exemption from local content obligations if it does not cooperate. The CRTC, which is conducting an extensive round of hearings into Canadian TV, has demanded the data be delivered by 17:00 today, Ottowa […]