European parliament committee approves controversial copyright reform

The European Parliament’s legal affairs committee this week approved controversial plans for copyright reform that have attracted substantial criticism from media industry groups. MEPs on the committee voted for the controversial article 13 provision that will require internet platforms such as Google and Facebook to prevent users from uploading copyrighted material, and for article 11, […]

Industry stakeholders slam European Council copyright reform draft

Both public broadcaster organisation the EBU and a group representing authors of audiovisual works have expressed dissatisfaction with different aspects of the compromise position agreed by the European Council on copyright reform in the EU. The Council’s permanent representatives committee, Coreper, agreed a position on the draft directive at the end of last week that […]

Cable Europe calls for ‘streamlined copyright clearance’ with content portability

Cable Europe has called on the European Parliament to improve the “legal framework for the licensing of TV programmes” as new content portability rules come into effect. From April 1, new rules mean that users of online audiovisual services can view content while outside their home country within the EU. However, Cable Europe, the trade association that […]

European Parliament waters down content portability plan

The European Parliament’s decision yesterday to restrict the scope of changes in copyright rules that would enable cross-border consumption of services has elicited mixed reactions from industry bodies. The parliament’s legal affairs committee voted to water down European Commission proposals that would have have enabled broadcasters to show a wide range of content across borders […]

Facebook acquires IP specialist Source3

Facebook has acquired intellectual property specialist Source3 in a bid to clamp down on copyrighted content uploaded to the social network. Source3 claims to “recognise, organise and analyse” branded intellectual property in user-generated content – spanning genres including sports, music, entertainment and fashion. The company’s end-to-end platform was built to manage online IP and establish relationships […]

Pirates could face up to 10 years in prison under new UK rules

Individuals responsible for pirating TV shows could face up to 10 years in prison under tough new rules governing abuse of copyright in the UK. Among the provisions of the new UK Digital Economy Act is an extension of the maximum prison term for anyone for infringing copyright with a view to profit from it, […]

Illegal streaming boxes ‘threaten copyright progress’

Adapted set-top boxes that let users illegally stream premium content risk undermining recent progress in copyright infringement, according to a UK government report. The UK Intellectual Property Office-commissioned study said that streaming giants such as Netflix and Spotify are keeping infringement levels stable, and the number of consumers accessing exclusively free content is at an […]

Broadcasters slam new EC copyright plan to increase mobility

A body  that represents European commercial broadcasters and international media groups has reacted unfavourably to new rules on copyright unveiled by the European Commission that could see an extension of the country of origin principle and weaken the ability of rights-holders to trade on a territory-specific basis. The EC proposals, unveiled to coincide with EC president […]

IFTA raises concerns over EC copyright plans

The Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) has raised fears over the European Commission’s Digital Single Market plan to allow cross-border access to online content. The alliance claims that plans to allow consumers to access online content acquired in one country in other European states threaten companies’ power to produce and distribute content, echoing concerns […]

BBC backs EU plan to make iPlayer accessible to Brits abroad

The BBC has welcomed the EU’s new cross-border copyright proposals, and said that government plans to modernise the licence fee will make it possible to verify iPlayer users abroad. In a statement, the BBC said “we are interested in being able to allow UK licence-fee payers to access BBC iPlayer while they are on holiday […]