Ericsson ConsumerLab: half of all viewing to be on mobile, one in three to use VR

Half of all viewing will be on a mobile screen in three years, with half of this on smartphones alone, according to the latest ConsumerLab report from technology giant Ericsson. The report also predicts that by 2020, one in three consumers will be Virtual Reality (VR) users, and that VR “will reignite the campfire experience […]

Ericsson: consumers see more value in VOD than linear, mobile viewing exploding

Consumers are turning to on-demand services in unprecedented numbers, are spending longer searching for content on VOD sites than on linear TV and are viewing more user-generated content as a proportion of their total video viewing time, according to the latest findings of Ericsson’s Consumerlab research project. Mobile video viewing is also growing dramatically, with […]

Premium online viewing on the rise

Viewers are watching an average of six hours of premium content on the web, up from three hours a year ago, with 65% of that viewing being for TV series and shows, according to Ericsson’s ConsumerLab report. Unveiling results at MIPCOM, Stella Medlicott, CMO, broadcast and media services, Ericsson UK said that, apart from the […]

More people to watch streamed video than broadcast TV this year

In 2015 more people will watch streamed on-demand video on a weekly basis than broadcast TV, according to research by Ericsson.  Discussing the findings of its recent ConsumerLab ’10 Hot Consumer Trends for 2015’ report, Michael Björn, head of research at Ericsson ConsumerLab, said that at the overall hours we spend watching streamed video will […]

Streaming closing in on linear viewing, says Ericsson

Streaming habits are “closing in on linear TV” consumption, with the proportion of streamed video consumption now almost on a par with scheduled broadcast TV, according to a new global study by Ericsson. The 2014 ConsumerLab report on TV and media trends found that 75% of consumers watched streamed video – including YouTube clips, TV […]

TV and video watched by 72% of people on mobiles

Some 72% of people watch TV and video on mobile devices each week, according to respondents of Ericsson’s latest ConsumerLab report.  The report said that 42% watch mobile TV and video content outside the home, while 75% multi-task by using mobile devices at the same time as watching TV. Ericsson also noted a trend for […]