COBA: Brexit ‘threatens UK’s international position’

The UK leaving the European Union without a trade deal would “jeopardise” the territory’s position as “Europe’s leading international broadcasting hub”, according an influential broadcasting body. “International broadcasters based here would, reluctantly, be forced to restructure their European operations,” said Adam Minns, executive director of the Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA), in an interview with the […]

European TV plan risks ‘stunting growth in the sector’

Europe’s commercial broadcasters have said proposed changes to to the main directive covering content and distribution risk stunting growth in the sector, reducing consumer choice, and putting a brake on investment in local programming. Europe is in the throes of revising the AVMS Directive with a view to fostering the digital economy in the region. […]

Commercial broadcasters call for BBC reforms

The Commercial Broadcasters Association has called for new rules to force the BBC to make a better case for new services it plans to launch. COBA is the industry group for the UK’s commercial broadcasters and said that the onus should be on UK pubcaster the BBC to ‘convincingly and demonstrably’ prove new services provide […]

UK commercial broadcasters call for BBC charter changes

The trade body that represents the UK’s commercial broadcasters has called for governance of the BBC to be handled by a new external and independent body. The Commercial Broadcasters Association (COBA) said that the Trust that currently oversees the activities of UK pubcaster the BBC, should be scrapped in its current form and replaced by […]

Leading UK digital channels’ content spend hits £2.6bn

A group of leading UK digital and pay TV channels spent a combined £2.6 billion (€3.25 billion) on programming last year, a £234 million increase on the 2012 number. COBA, the industry group for commercial pay TV and digital channels, canvassed its members to get the content spending numbers. Its membership comprises A+E, BSkyB, Chinese […]

UK multichannel broadcasters grow revenues to £5 billion

The UK’s multichannel broadcast sector has grown its revenues to £5 billion (€6 billion) a year, overtaking the BBC and commercial public service broadcasters, according to the Commercial Broadcasters Association (CoBA). According to a new report by media consultancy the Communications Chambers, on behalf of COBA, the UK multichannel sector now broadcasts 127 non-UK channels […]