Watchdog: investment in Spanish series leapt by 40% in 2017

Investment in series in Spain’s official languages by audiovisual service provider grew by 40% in 2017, according to regulator the CNMC. The watchdog reported that investment in content is Spanish and other European languages not official in Spain accounted for 77% of the country’s total investment in content. Reporting on the way broadcasters and service […]

Spanish pay TV grows, boosted by IPTV and bundling

The Spanish TV industry closed 2018 with 6.8 million subscribers, including 6.2 million that took a pay TV service as part of a bundled offering with one of more of broadband, fixed phone and mobile fixed and broadband services, according to Spanish regulator the CNMC. According to the markets watchdog, pay TV in Spain generated […]

IPTV growth led Spanish pay TV market in Q218

Spanish pay TV revenues attributed to fibre and xDSL operators grew by 15% in the second quarter of last year, with nine out of the country’s 6.64 million pay TV customers taking their subscription as part of a bundle with other services, according to the latest figures released by regulator the CNMC. Pay TV revenues […]

Few Spanish homes making use of TV parental controls

Only about one in 10 Spanish households with children make use of parental control features on their TV, fewer than half of those making use of such features on computers or tablets, according to markets regulator the CNMC. According to the watchdog, only 11% of homes with children use parental control features on their TV, […]

One in three Spanish internet homes watching pay video services

One in three Spanish homes connected to the internet use pay platforms to watch audiovisual content online, according to a survey by Spanish markets regulator the CNMC, with Netflix taking second position to Movistar+. According to the survey, some 2.2 million consumers subscribe to Movistar+, with two million subscribing to Netflix. Vodafone TV online is […]

Spanish free DTT use declining as consumers turn to pay TV

Use of Spain’s free-to-air digital-terrestrial TV platform fell to a historical low at the end of the first quarter as consumers turned to pay TV services, according to numbers compiled by market regulator the CNMC. The regulator calculated that the number of pay TV customers in Spain reached 6.72 million at the end of the […]

Spanish viewers’ dissatisfaction with RTVE content grows

A significant tranche of Spanish viewers are not satisfied with the output of public broadcaster RTVE, according to a study by markets regulator the CNMC. According to the watchdog, one in five Spaniards believe that RTVE’s channels lack variety and quality, with lack of quality in content cited by 56% of those who are unsatisfied […]

Vodafone files complaint as Telefónica targets its TV base

Vodafone has filed a complaint with Spanish markets regulator the CNMC alleging that, by offering free football for the 2018-19 season, Telefónica’s Movistar+ service is taking advantage of its dominant position in the TV sector to reinforce its position in the fibre access market. According to business news title Expansión, citing unnamed sources, Vodafone Spain […]

Three in 10 Spanish homes using pay OTT, with Netflix trebling base

Three in 10 Spanish internet-connected households used premium online video services in Q4 2017, with the number of homes subscribing to Netflix trebling in 2017, according to Spanish market regulator the CNMC. The most-used platform by internet consumers is Movistar+, which is subscribed to by 2.16 million homes, a penetration rate of 13.5%, followed by […]

Multiplay and IPTV growing in Spain

One million additional Spanish pay TV subscribers signed up for multi-play offerings featuring fixed and mobile telephony and fixed and mobile broadband in 2017, taking the total of such multi-play subscribers to 5.5 million, according to figures compiled by regulator the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia (CNMC). Pay TV subscribers numbered 6.59 […]