European states ranked in terms of broadband cost

Albanians and neighbouring North Macedonians pay the most for their broadband access as a proportion of average net salary in Europe, while the Swiss pay the least – despite the average annual cost of broadband in Switzerland actually being among the highest. According to an analysis by using broadband pricing data from and […]

Taiwan takes pole position as UK lags in global broadband league

Taiwan has leapt into first place in’s World Broadband Speed League this year, with a mean download speed of over 85Mbps, up from 28Mbps in 2018’s list. The World Broadband Top 10 is topped by Taiwan, Singapore, with a mean broadband speed of 70.86Mbps and – something of an outlier – the tiny UK […]

Broadband speeds rise in developed markets but UK drops in ranking

Average broadband speeds globally rose 23% over the last year, but most progress was among countries with existing fast broadband, according to a study by The UK dropped four places in’s national rankings to 35th place overall. Europe, the US and the leading economies of the Asia Pacific region – Singapore, Japan, Taiwan […]

Study reveals broadband pricing disparities

A study by BDRC Continental and has revealed vast disparities in the pricing of broadband access services worldwide. According to the study, based on analysis of 3,351 individual broadband packages from across the world in the eight-week period up to October 12 this year, revealed that Iran offers the cheapest broadband with an average […]

One in 10 users could not live without broadband, says study

One in 10 UK broadband users say they could not live without broadband, while one in five say they would last less than a day without it, according to a study by broadband, TV and mobile comparison site According to the study, 10% of respondents said they could live without broadband indefinitely, as opposed […]