European Parliament approves telecom code

The European Parliament has voted in favour of proposals to create a new European Electronic Communications Code and official status for a body of European regulators. The vote, which follows the European Commission launching the proposals as part of its Digital Single market strategy two years ago, opens the way for the European Council to […]

Cable and telecom groups differ on EU telecom reform deal

Cable industry body Cable Europe has welcomed an agreement reached this week between the European Parliament and Council on the draft Electronic Communications Code, with executive chairman Matthias Kurth highlighting the absence of sector-specific rules and any new definition of market power. Telecom industry organisation the European Telecommunications Network Operators (ETNO) on the other hand […]

BEREC issues net neutrality guidelines

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has issued guidelines for how regulators in Europe should implement new net neutrality rules. The guidelines, which are designed to give guidance to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), follow a six-week consultation period during which BEREC received an “unprecedented” number of contributions – some 481,547 in total. […]

EBU calls on BEREC to ensure net neutrality in age of 5G

European public broadcasting organsiation the EBU has called on the European telecom regulators’ group BEREC to apply strong net neutrality rules across the EU to help ensure media diversity. In a response to a BEREC consultation on net neutrality guidelines, the EBU said that the deployment of 5G mobile services should not be seen as […]

BEREC launches consultations on OTT and IoT

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the umbrella organisation for European telecom regulators, has launched consultations on OTT TV and the Internet of Things respectively. The OTT consultation is based on a draft report that divides OTT services in three categories – OTT-0, electronic communication services (ECS) provided over the open internet; OTT-1, an OTT […]

Portuguese regulator takes over BEREC presidency

Portuguese regulator ANACOM’s president Fátima Barros has taken over the presidency of BEREC, the international telecom regulators association that brings together 28 European regulators.  Barros will be charged with leading BEREC’s ongoing work on the European Connected Continent proposals developed by former EC vice-president Neelie Kroes last year, including regulations covering international roaming tariffs, net […]

NMHH’s Mátrai to leave by mutual consent

Gábor Mátrai, the vice-president of communications at Hungarian media and telecom regulator the NMHH is to leave the organisation by mutual consent. Mátrai’s departure follows the appointment by Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán of Mónika Karas as president of the NMHH, following the death of the previous president Annamárai Szalai. Mátrai was last year named as […]

BEREC vice-president named

Gábor Mátrai has been named as vice-president of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), the body set up to facilitate the exchange of information between European national telecom regulators and to advise the EC. Mátrai is the vice-president of communications at Hungarian national regulator the NMHH.  BEREC will be chaired in 2013 […]