Armando Pereira

Altice: Drahi expresses ‘shock’ and ‘disappointment’ at alleged corrupt practices

Altice boss Patrick Drahi used the Altice International first half debt investors call today to express his “shock” and “huge disappointment” following the Portuguese police probe into Armando Pereira and other individuals linked to the company. “This has come as a shock and as a huge disappointment to me. If the allegations are true, I […]

Altice suspends senior French executive as corruption probe deepens

The corruption scandal engulfing international cable, telecoms and media group Altice has widened to impact the company’s French operations for the first time, with a senior executive being suspended as a result of the group’s internal enquiry. According to AFP, the group has suspended Tatiana Agova-Bregou, executive director of content, acquisitions and partnerships. The move […]

Altice co-founder Pereira placed under house arrest

Altice co-founder Armando Pereira has been placed under house arrest in Portugal as the corruption enquiry against him proceeds. A judge ruled that Pereira could remain in his home, without an electronic tag, rather than remain in prison or be required to post €10 million bail, as demanded by prosecutors. Businessman Hernâni Vaz Antunes, who […]

Altice suspends managers in wake of Pereira detention

Altice International says it has suspended a number of un-named managers, workers and legal representatives in Portugal and other countries as it seeks to respond to a police probe that last week saw its co-founder detained on suspicion of corruption, tax fraud and money laundering. The company’s co-CEO Alexandre Fonseca, who also serves as chairman […]

Altice Portugal CEO urges ‘focus on operation’ as corruption probe continues

The CEO of Altice Portugal has urged the company’s employees to carry on focusing on its operations and not to be distracted by the corruption enquiry that engulfed the operator over the weekend. Altice Portugal’s CEO, Ana Figueiredo, told employees to focus on continuing to executive the company’s business plan and improve its performance, according […]

Altice co-founder Pereira arrested in corruption probe

Altice boss Patrick Drahi’s close associate and group co-founder Armando Pereira has spent the weekend in custody after being detained by Portuguese police on suspicion of tax fraud, corruption and money-laundering. Another key Altice executive, Alexandre Fonseca, the company’s current co-CEO and chairman of Altice USA has meanwhile suspended himself today in a move believed […]

New chief for Portugal Telecom

Alexandre Fonseca (pictured) has been named as executive president of Portugal Telecom by the operator’s owner, Altice. Fonseca was previously CTO at Portugal Telecom. Claudia Goya, who was appointed to take over management at the operator earlier this year, will transition to the role of chairwoman of PT Portugal, while Paulo Neves is to leave […]

Drahi steps in as Altice CEO resigns after share price nose-dives

Michel Combes has resigned as Altice chairman and CEO following the company’s worse-than-expected quarterly results last week. Altice’s share price sank by a over a quarter following the results that highlighted a poor performance by French unit SFR in particular and spooked investors concerned about the company’s debt level. Combes having fallen on his sword, […]