French regulator reveals IPTV and ultra-fast broadband numbers

France had 15.378 million TV-over-DSL subscribers at the end of last year, up 5.2% on the previous year’s figure, according to the latest study by telecom regulator ARCEP.  The figures mean that TV-over-DSL accounted for two thirds of subscriptions to a TV service in France at the end of 2014, up from 60% in 2012 […]

ARCEP to auction 700MHz spectrum

French telecoms regulator ARCEP is to begin auctioning part of the 700MHz spectrum band currently used for digital-terrestrial TV broadcasting in July.  The move follows a consultation with stakeholders, the results of which were published earlier this week. Late entrant to mobile Free/Iliad Telecom has already made it known that it wants to be guaranteed […]

Numericable-SFR moves swiftly to placate regulator over Outremer charges

Numericable-SFR has moved swiftly to head off a possible reversal of the French competition regulator’s previous approval of cable operator Numericable’s acquisition of SFR after concerns were raised that the group was seeking to undermine its own subsidiary in two French overseas territories ahead of a forced sale of the unit.  Numericable had been obliged […]

ARCEP launches review of 700MHz band

French telecom regulator ARCEP has launched a strategic review of spectrum requirements for high-speed mobile services related to the future of the 700MHz band currently used for digital-terrestrial broadcasting. The review follows the recent announcement by the French government that it would proceed to auction the 700MHz band next year. ARCEP is launching a public […]

Two thirds of French homes have access to DSL TV

Fifteen million French homes, or two thirds of the country’s total, have access to TV-over-DSL services, according to the latest figures released by telecom regulator ARCEP.  According to ARCEP, 15 million French homes had technical access to IPTV services over DSL networks at the end of June, up from 14.8 million at the end of […]

France’s Hollande raises prospect of regulatory integration

French president François Hollande has once more raised the possibility of integration of the country’s media and telecom regulators. Speaking at a colloquium organized by media regulator the CSA at the end of last week, Hollande said it was time to take French regulator forward in the sense of making it more integrated, as was […]

France’s ARCEP launches FttDP consultation

French telecom regulator ARCEP has launched a consultation on Fibre to the Distribution Point (FttDP) – the deployment of fibre networks close to consumer premises but connected to existing copper or coaxial cable for the final connection. The regulator has set up a working group under Pierre-Jean Benghozi et Philippe Distler to lead a discussion […]

Numericable passes five million high-speed homes

French cable operator Numericable has passed five million home with its fibre-based very high-speed internet network and now accounts for three quarters of French very high-speed connections, according to figures compiled by telecom regulator ARCEP. Numericable now offers very high-speed services to five million homes and has confirmed its objective to pass 8.5 million by […]

FTTH leads French highs-speed internet growth

France had close to 1.8 million very high-speed internet subscribers at the end of June, 65,000 up on the previous quarter, according to the latest update by telecom regulator ARCEP. The number of fibre-to-the-home customers stood at 415,000, up 50,000 on the quarter. About 187,000 new homes became connectable to FTTH over the same period. […]

Loutrel named as new ARCEP chief

Benoît Loutrel is to replace Philippe Distler as director-general of French telecom regulator ARCEP in March. Loutrel was deputy director-general of ARCEP until 2010, when he left to head a programme to fund the development of the digital economy. He was named as the new director-general by ARCEP president Jean-Ludovic Silicani. Distler has been named […]