Sharp 4K TVs to include Espial software

Sharp’s new line of Aquos 4K Next Ultra HD LCD televisions will incorporate Espial’s HTML5 client software. The new TVs, which begin shipping in Japan next month, will include advanced TV functionality, over-the-top video services, internet applications and the new IPTV Forum-defined Hybridcast system, which combines broadcast and broadband to create an ecosystem of TV and web […]

Sharp and Rovi renew DivX deal

Sharp has renewed its multi-year DivX licensing agreement with Rovi Corporation, allowing it include DivX HEVC technology in its next-generation of AQUOS TVs and Blu-ray recorders. The agreement will allow Sharp to support high-quality streaming and playback of DivX HEVC HD 720p/1080p and Ultra HD/4K HEVC content. The deal also includes use of Rovi’s adaptive […]