Solo TV viewing on the rise

Group TV viewing, often considered a social activity for households, is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, claims a new report. According to a new study from Ampere Analysis, a greater number of consumers are now identifying as ‘solo viewers’. Many of these viewers no longer find watching TV with other members of their […]

Ampere: Netflix budget focused on drama and comedy

More than a third of Netflix’s original content spend to-date has been for drama titles, while nearly a quarter of its spend went on comedy series and stand-up shows. This is according to new estimates by research firm Ampere Analysis, which claims that drama has accounted for 36% of Netflix’s originals budget, comedy for 22% […]

Ampere: Netflix use in Turkey stands at just 11%

Just 11% of Turkish internet users watched Netflix in the past month compared to a 13-country average of 24% of viewers, according to Ampere Analysis. The research firm described Netflix viewing levels as “low” in the country, despite a prolific level of online video viewing on smartphones. YouTube topped the list of video services used […]

Ampere: UK TV channels inspire most loyalty

UK TV channels inspired more loyalty and brand affinity than their European and US counterparts, according to Ampere Analysis. In new research that looked at the US and the ‘top five’ European markets – the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy – Ampere also found that there was a “significant performance gap” between public service […]