Altice Labs

Altice Labs unveils raft of RDK gateways for DOCSIS and PON

Altice Labs, the technology development arm of the European service provider, has unveiled a portfolio of RDK broadband gateways. TheRDK-powered gateways include a GPON gateway and a DOCIS 3.1 gateway both with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) capability. The line-up also includes and a DOCSIS 3.0 gateway with Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) capability. According to the RDK organisation, […]

SFR takes on Free with new box, rollout in other markets to follow

French service provider Altice France/SFR has unveiled its latest set-top box, the AFR Box 8, designed by the group’s in-house R&D unit, Altice Labs. The box, which is being launched in France, will in fact be rolled out across Altice Europe’s other markets subsequently. The launch of the box follows the much higher-profile unveiling of […]

Meo launches live TV ‘in VR environment’

Altice-owned Portuguese telecom operator Portugal Telecom/Meo has laid claim to have become the first operator in Europe to offer live TV channels in a virtual reality environment through Samsung Gear VR headsets powered by Oculus. Meo has launched the VR service as part of Meo Go, its multiscreen TV offering. The new MEo Go VR […]

Portugal Telecom expands fibre network

Portugal Telecom has begun extending its fibre network to Felgueiras, in the Porto region, with 9,000 homes to be connected. The Altice-owned operator said that the expansion of its network in Felgueiras is part of its plan to pass three million homes with fibre by 2020. The operator said the expansion would enable Felgueiras residents […]