NBCUniversal and Sky taking CFlight ad measurement to Europe

NBCUniversal and Sky are to take their burgeoning collaboration in advertising under Comcast’s ownership to the next stage by launching NBCUniversal’s CFlight cross-platform measurement standard in Europe. Sky adopting the next-generation metric across all of Sky Media’s content and platforms. CFlight is a unified advertising metric that captures live, on-demand and time-shifted commercial impressions on […]

YouView develops AdSmart-style targeted advertising

YouView is working on a project to offer addressable linear or dynamic ad insertion, according to the UK TV platform’s commercial projects director Simon Cook. Speaking at TV Connect in London this morning on a panel titled ‘big opportunities for data in creating business value’, Cook said that YouView is working with shareholders to provide […]

Sky extending AdSmart to on-demand services

Sky is planning to extend its AdSmart targeted advertising platform to on-demand services, and to market it more extensively to third-party content providers as well as providing it on Sky’s own channels, according to Andrew Griffith, chief financial officer and managing director, content business. In a blog posting, Griffith said that AdSmart would be launched […]

Cisco takes Sky AdSmart to US customers at CES

Cisco has partnered with European pay TV operator Sky at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to showcase the pair’s approach to addressable TV advertising with Sky AdSmart. The pair demonstrated Sky AdSmart’s ability to target different ads to different households watching the same live linear TV program based on over 150 different demographic […]

‘Programmatic buying’ to account for 20% of US TV ad spend

‘Programmatic buying’, also known as automated media buying, will account for 20% of US TV advertising spend by 2018, according to Strategy Analytics.  The research firm claims that traditional TV ad buying practises, which have been “fairly static for decades” will start to shift in the coming years, as firms try to improve operational efficiencies. […]

Sky forms AdSmart local ad partnership with Johnston Press

BSkyB has teamed up with UK local newspaper group Johnston Press to create a new targeted regional advertising partnership.  Sky will make its new Sky AdSmart local product, which tailors TV ads according to household location and profile, avaialble to parts of Johnston Press’s sales network. Separately, Sky has agreed to invest £5 million in […]

Sky rolls out targeted AdSmart service

UK satellite TV operator Sky has launched its intelligent TV advertising service AdSmart following a successful six-month trial of the technology.  AdSmart is designed to tailor what is shown during TV ad breaks depending on a household’s profile and location, allowing advertisers to target their campaigns more accurately. The technology works by sending a library […]

Sky to offer targeted ads from next summer

UK pay TV operator BSkyB will launch its addressable advertising service AdSmart next summer, offering advertisers around 90 different attributes to target viewers. Sky AdSmart will launch in seven million homes on Sky’s wholly owned channels, offering various segmentation options, including age, region, financial outlook and affluence. Speaking at the Future TV Advertising Forum in […]