Abertis Telecom

Abertis Telecom rebrands terrestrial telecom unit ahead of flotation

Spanish transmission services provider Abertis Telecom is to rename its terrestrial telecommunications business Cellnex Telecom ahead of a planned flotation of the company. Abertis Telecom Terrestre will be renamed Cellnex Telecom on April 1. The company serves about 100 million people across Europe with mobile infrastructure. The company recently struck a major deal with Italian […]

Value of UHF for DTT “outweighs mobile by four to one”

Digital-terrestrial broadcasting would provide the most valuable use of UHF spectrum for the next 15 years, according to a study by consultancy Aetha for Abertis Telecom, Arqiva, the BBC, Broadcast Networks Europe (BNE), the EBU and TDF.  The report said that the value of the 460-862MHz or UHF band is greater for DTT than mobile […]

Hispasat eyes 4K channel launch

Spanish satellite operator Hispasat plans to launch a 4K channel that will allow the industry to broadcast in the ultra high-definition standard.  The firm said it will soon formally announce the commissioning of the channel, in its latest show of support for the ultra HD technology. The news came as Hispasat signed an agreement with […]