Cisco and Sony collaborate on 4K live streaming

Cisco and Sony claim they are first firms to publicly demonstrate live delivery of full-frame rate 4K 60P content at NAB this week.  The live demo sees the companies jointly stream 4K video from New York City to Las Vegas – capturing footage on a Sony F55 4K camera and HEVC encoding it using Cisco Videoscape […]

Elemental demos live 4K60p HEVC, sets out ambition for wider encoding market

Video technology provider Elemental has demonstrated what it says is the first live, real-time HEVC-based 4K end-to-end workflow, with video shown at full 60p frame rates.  At an event in London, Elemental showed 4Kp60 content encoded for display in real-time. The company had previously demonstrated 4K/HEVC real-time video processing at 30fps at the Osaka Marathon, […]