1 Gbps

Unitymedia launches 1 Gbps broadband in Germany

Unitymedia has started to roll out 1 Gbps broadband in Germany, launching the 1,000 megabits per-second fibre connections in Bochum, a city in the west of the country. Unitymedia said that the launch establishes Bochum as “the first major German city to enter the gigabit era,” with launches in more cities in the planning stages. […]

TDC pledges Denmark-wide 1Gbps broadband in 2018

TDC Group has pledged to give every Danish household access to 1 Gbps superfast broadband in 2018 as part of cable network upgrade plan. Announcing its strategy for the next three years, TDC said that along with the upgrade it aims to offer 10 Mbps to “virtually all addresses in Denmark”, and 100Mbps to 70% […]

Com Hem launches 1Gbps internet

Swedish cable operator Com Hem has begun rolling out a new 1Gbps internet service. The move follows the Swedish operator’s launch of a 500Mbps service last year, which now reaches about 1.4 million households across the country. The 1Gbps service will be made available across Com Hem’s fibre network progressively, as well as a number […]