Multiscreen & OTT 2019

The launch of new competitors to Netflix such as Disney+, HBO Max and Apple TV+, new partnerships among broadcasters in the digital space and growth in live sports streaming mean that 2019 is shaping up to be a big year in the history of OTT TV. Digital TV Europe’s Multiscreen & OTT 2019 series addresses key developments: growth in AVOD; the launch of 5G services; live-streaming and the evolution of subscription services.

Part 1: AVOD
The first of this four-part series focuses on the growing importance of advertising-supported VOD. As the subscription VOD market becomes more crowded, interest in AVOD has accelerated, both among US media groups and national FTA broadcasters.

Part 2: 5G
The second part of the series investigates the potential of 5G as a vehicle for video. Video streaming is a potential key app for 5G take-up and operators are already testing things out, but the revenue potential remains unclear.

Part 3: OTT live-streaming
Part 3 takes a look at look at the phenomenal growth of live streaming and the challenges it raises in delivering a high-quality experience to consumers.

Part 4: Subscription services
In the final part of this four-part series, we examine how some players with very different market positions and strategies are addressing the subscription VOD and streaming market.

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